We are conservative and risk averse.  We take as little risk as possible when we pursue our goal of protecting your savings and cautiously growing them over time. 

We take pride in our research.  Quarterpoint's founder, Andrew Sullivan, earned the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation in 2003 and has honed his research skills since then in various research-intensive positions.  He examines SEC filings and when possible, visits companies for more insight into their operations.  Once a company passes through many analytical lenses, we patiently wait for attractive prices.  This combination of thoroughness and patience gives us an edge over other investors.  

We pour resources into research, not generation of sales or commissions.  We are not under pressure to churn out business to meet a parent company’s sales targets, rather we are under pressure to protect and grow your capital.  Competitors might focus on sales and their own profits, with investing performance a secondary consideration.  We take the opposite approach - investment performance comes first.  Why run an investment firm any other way?  

It is an honor to hold your future quality of life in our hands.  We take this obligation seriously and relish the chance to do well for the people we care about.  If you are interested in the nuts and bolts of our fees and how to become a client, please click here.  Also please feel free to read this Q&A.