Check out the highlights from Quarterpoint Capital Management's recent research trip from Bozeman, Montana to Washington, D.C.!

Andrew traveled over 6,000 miles with stops in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and a few other places to see companies across various industries including: oil and gas, mining, steel, industrials, and more!  

Take a look at the highlights from our trip and let us know what you think!  



Are steel mills the "greenest" companies in America?  What sort of innovations could be coming out of the sand industry? (What?  There is a sand industry?)  Andrew is in Washington, DC with another update after visiting over 40 companies and driving over 3000 miles.  Hear what Andrew has to say about what he has seen so far on Quarterpoint's 2015 research road trip!

QUARTERPOINT UPDATE: Yellen speaks to the IMF


After Janet Yellen recently spoke with the IMF, the Wall Street Journal ran this headline:

"Fed Chair Warns of Bloated Stocks"

Is this really the case?  Here is our take on it - what do you think?


Andrew talks about the first round of meetings on our 2015 research road trip.  Our first stop was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where we visited 6 different companies - 5 of which are over 100 years old! 

In this video, Andrew describes some of the highlights from our visits with Brady Corporation, A. O. Smith, and, Rockwell Automation.  Is now a good time to buy?  Tell us what you think!

QUARTERPOINT UPDATE: Oil and Research Trip

Has oil reached a bottom? Andrew takes a look at several supply and demand factors that may be getting overlooked by investors today. Do you agree? Is now a time to buy or is oil going lower?

MARKET UPDATE HIGHLIGHT: Bob Murphy explains Bitcoin, gold, and, oil

Economist Bob Murphy from the Institute for Energy Research joined us to talk about Bitcoin, gold, and, oil.  Here are the highlights from our conversation, click here to read the full interview.  And visit consultingbyrpm.com and understandingbitcoin.us to see more from Dr. Murphy.

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MARKET UPDATE: Connor Boyack & The Law

Connor Boyack of the Libertas Institute joined us to talk about Frederic Bastiat, The Law, and, Connor's new book series for children.  See the full interview here.

To learn more about Connor Boyack go to:

www.libertasutah.org and www.tuttletwins.com

MARKET UPDATE HIGHLIGHT: Doug French Explains Asset Bubbles

This is the shortened version of Quarterpoint Capital Management's recent interview with Douglas French of Casey Research and mises.ca Doug joined us to talk about the basics of asset bubbles, Tulip Mania, he experience as a banker in Las Vegas during the 2008 housing collapse, his thoughts on the end of quantitative easing, and, he tells us stocks and bonds are in a bubble today.

11/6/2014 Market Update: Gold

This is the first in our new Market Update video series.  In this video Andrew and Henri discuss the current market for gold and silver, as well as Andrew's recent research trip to Minnesota.

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We were lucky to interview noted economist Walter Block, Ph.D. of Loyola University New Orleans.  Dr. Block turns commonly held economic ideas on their head & provides an insightful view of how economies function.  You will learn something new!  He discusses Inflation (0:30), Business Cycles (2:43), Great Depression (7:33), Great Depression vs. Great Recession (11:14), Deflation (12:25), and What Drives the Economy? (14:00).  


Our April 2014 research trip.  10 states, 25 public companies, and 6,000 miles.  Check out the blooper reel at the end (17:51)!