We visit public companies to tour production facilities and meet management teams.  We learn a tremendous amount about new companies and industries on these trips.  Since 2014 we have visited 82 public companies in 15 states.  Click here to see the companies. These are not past or current recommendations, they simply represent field research we have conducted.  

Q3 2018 Letter A well run silver company announces an acquisition
Q2 2018 Letter Opportunities in the lag between corporate investment and corporate success
Q1 2018 Letter Where are the fiduciaries?
Q4 2017 Letter     Inflationary boom & endgame for cryptocurrencies, qualities of money, competing monies 
Q3 2017 Letter     Forest fires & financial fires
Q2 2017 Letter     Scary stock market, a spectacular announcement, finding value in resources, 2 stocks insiders are buying  
Q1 2017 Letter     Customer obsession at Amazon, artisanal investing, 2 new non-gold! companies  
Q4 2016 Letter     Sound money, solar power, India, cashless societies, Fort Knox, monopolies, internet 
Q3 2016 Letter     The 85-year decision, $2 trillion button push
Q2 2016 Letter     Healthy books, more strong gold performance
Q1 2016 Letter     Gold finally makes a move, gold & silver miners follow 
Q4 2015 Letter     Gold royalty companies, enormous gap between S&P 500 & gold miners
Q3 2015 Letter     Federal Reserve's Janus game, strong dollar & weak gold could reverse  
Q2 2015 Letter     Shale oil is expensive...expect supply cutbacks and demand response 
Q1 2015 Letter     Value investing, upcoming research trip, low interest rates, gold
Q4 2014 Letter     Alan Greenspan talks up gold, European gold repatriation, three resource companies 
Q3 2014 Letter     New ideas, company developments
Q2 2014 Letter     Capital deployment & company developments
Q2 2014 Special Letter     Post-research trip & current investment ideas
Q1 2014 Letter     Upcoming research trip & current investment ideas
Q4 2013 Letter     5 ways we invest and how we are different than other investors

2016 Presentation     Where to invest: gold miners, gold royalty companies, oil
Quarterpoint Special Report: Historic Value In a Timeless Asset     Gold vs. dollar, gold stocks trading at historic lows 
Quarterpoint Report: Using Economics     Virtues of Austrian Economics, shortfalls of GDP  
Quarterpoint Special Report on Active Investment Management     The case for active management  
Quarterpoint Bulletin #2: Minimize Stock Market Risk     High P/E multiples are poor times to own the stock market
Quarterpoint Bulletin #1: Opportunity in Gold     Gold is at multi-year lows.  Negative real interest rates support it going forward 
Quarterpoint Investing Philosophy     Our goal is to buy a lot of value for a low price    

Quarterpoint Form ADV Part 2     Firm brochure explains what we do and our fee structure
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Interview Transcripts
Andrew Youderian of eCommerceFuel   April 25, 2016    The best way to generate exceptional wealth, proven tips for running a business 
Economist Robert Murphy, Ph.D.   January 22, 2015    Bitcoin, gold, supply & demand dynamics of oil        

Books on Finance & Money (in order of importance)
The Ethics of Money Production Jorg Guido Hulsmann
What Has Government Done to Our Money? Murray Rothbard
Poor Charlie's Almanack Charles Munger (Peter Kaufman editor) 
More Than You Know Michael Mauboussin
Value Investing Bruce Greenwald
The Origin Of Wealth Eric Beinhocker
Where Keynes Went Wrong Hunter Lewis
Constitutional Money: A Review of the Supreme Court's Monetary Decisions Richard Timberlake
Redeeming Economics John Mueller
Quality of Earnings Thornton O'Glove
Financial Shenanigans Howard Schilit
The Structure of Production Mark Skousen
The Essential Drucker Peter Drucker
The Next Global Stage Kenichi Ohmae
Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles Jesus Huerta de Soto

Other Interesting Books (in order of importance)
The Beginning of Infinity David Deutsch
Physics of Life Adrian Bejan
Reinventing the Sacred Stuart Kaufmann
The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor
Evolution of Civilizations Carroll Quigley
Weapons Systems & Political Stability Carroll Quigley  
Thinking as a Science Henry Hazlitt
The Master & His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World Iain McGilchrist
A Third Window: Natural Life beyond Newton & Darwin Robert Ulanowicz
Science Set Free Rupert Sheldrake
Filters Against Folly Garrett Hardin
How Nature Works Per Bak
Oil 101 Morgan Downey
Design in Nature Adrian Bejan
Get Smarter Seymour Schulich
The Checklist Manifesto Atul Gawande
American Steel Richard Preston
The Idea of History R.G. Collingwood

No statements made on this website should be construed as a past specific recommendation of Quarterpoint Capital Management, LLC that was or would have been profitable or as a current investment recommendation of Quarterpoint Capital Management, LLC.