Fee Structure
Our fee is a percentage assessed upon the value of your assets under management.  Fees are deducted quarterly from your account by multiplying the account balance at the end of the quarter by one-fourth of the annual fee.  These fees are negotiable.

Annual Fee             Market Value of Assets Managed
2.4%                       Under $500,000
2.2%                       $500,001 to $2,000,000
2.0%                       $2,000,001 and up

Other fees such as brokerage and custodial fees may apply. We believe our fees are competitive given the level of service we provide.  We believe we are less expensive than hedge funds that take 20% of profits in addition to a 2% management fee.

Getting to know you is important.  We want to have a good relationship and understand your passions.  This allows us to know what we are working to achieve for you.  

How to become a client:
1) Call Andrew at (406) 570-8741 to introduce yourself.  We want to know you!  In the meantime, here is a Q&A about us!
2) Read Quarterpoint's firm Brochure and Privacy Policy.
3) Read and sign Quarterpoint's Client Agreement.
4) Open a brokerage account.  We recommend TD Ameritrade. You can scan and return these forms to Quarterpoint and we will submit them for you.    
5) Fund the new account with a check payable to "TD Ameritrade" for example, or transfer part or all of another account to your new account. 
6) Quarterpoint then manages your funds on your behalf.  You can log into your account at any time and check your account balances and stocks you own.  You can also receive alerts and statements from TD Ameritrade.
7) Quarterpoint mails a hopefully interesting quarterly letter with our thoughts, portfolio news, and fee information.
8) Our line is always open for your thoughts and comments.