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  • Long-term value investing strategy
  • Proprietary in-depth research
  • Aligned with our clients
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Quarterpoint Capital Management, LLC is an registered investment adviser headquartered in Montana. We specialize in finding conservative, research-driven investments that lower risk while improving return.

  • Conservative

    We are a risk averse capital management firm, investing with the goal of protecting the long-term purchasing power of your assets.

  • Research-Driven

    We thoroughly research all potential investments using proprietary analytical methods, only investing in assets at prices less than our estimate of their worth.

  • Honest

    Our flat fee structure aligns our success with the success of your portfolio. Our priority is to grow your wealth, not ours.

To learn more about our investment company, fee structure, investment strategy, and services we provide our clients, please complete the form or call to speak with Andrew Sullivan, CFA today.